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Possible Reasons Why You Have a Leaky Faucet

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Did you know a faucet leak can waste several gallons of water a day? A leaky faucet wastes a lot of water and drains your wallet. There are many reasons why your faucet may be leaking.

Possible Reasons Why You Have a Leaky Faucet

  • Faulty O-ring. If water comes from your faucet handle, your O-ring could be loose or worn out. The O-ring is a small disc attached to the stem screw holding the handle in its place. Over time, it can become loose or broken, leading to leaking.
  • Worn-out parts. A cartridge faucet, one with a hot and cold handle, can begin leaking if the cartridge itself has worn out. The cartridge will need replacing in this case. Washers and seals can also wear out from daily use and need replacing.
  • When you put water and metal together, corrosion can always occur. A common place for a leaky faucet is the valve seat. The valve seat is where the faucet meets the spout. Corrosion here leads to a steady drip that can drive you crazy. However, we can fix the leak and give you tips to prevent it from happening in the future.
  • Loose pipes. Sinks that see a lot of use can end up with loose or broken pipes. If the leak sprouts up underneath the sink, it could be a loose fitting. But it can also be a broken pipe, which needs professionals like ours at Monster Plumbing to fix.

If you’re unsure how to deal with your leaky faucet, give us a call today. We’ll send a plumber right away to take a look and fix the problem.

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