What Causes a Running Toilet?

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What Causes a Running Toilet? For many homeowners, hearing the constant sound of a running toilet can be too much to bear. Not only is it annoying, but it is also running up your water bill and wasting gallons of water in the process. So, what causes a running toilet? There are many different reasons why your toilet may still be circulating after a flush. Our team at Monster Plumbing can help you with them all.

  • Broken or old flapper. Flappers don’t last forever. Eventually, they become warped, dirty, or broken and no longer seal properly. The flapper will need cleaning or replacing to seal off the drain and prevent leaking.
  • Stuck flush handle. A stuck toilet handle can be the simplest cause of a running toilet, but it can cause many problems. For example, the toilet may not be able to flush successfully, or it may continually fill with water until it overflows all over your bathroom floor. In addition, if the handle is stuck in the down position, your toilet bowl may not refill at all.
  • Disconnected flapper chain. Toilets have a chain running from their lever to the flapper. If the chain breaks or becomes disconnected, two things can happen. Your toilet won’t flush, or your flapper will stay in the open position, causing your toilet to run continuously.
  • Improper float level. Your tank float controls the level of water inside your tank. If it is too low, the flush is not very strong. But if it is too high, the water will flow into the overflow tube and run.

While these causes may seem easy to fix, our professional plumbers can evaluate your toilet thoroughly to ensure it’s running properly. If you need to have your toilet checked, please contact us today.