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Common Reasons for Garbage Disposal Repair

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Most homeowners can’t live without their garbage disposal. Whether you’re making dinner or scraping plates after the meal, a lot goes down the drain. But all that wear and tear can take a toll on an appliance. Even the highest-quality garbage disposals may have problems. There are many different reasons why you may need garbage disposal repair.

Common Reasons for Garbage Disposal Repair

  • Leaky disposal. If you notice water pooling underneath your sink, that may be a sign your garbage disposal is leaking. This garbage disposal repair is fairly common. O-rings tend to wear out, or parts can jiggle loose. The leak can also come from other parts of the sink, which can be more expensive to fix.
  • All clogged up. After taking weeks and weeks of unwanted food, your garbage disposal can clog, especially when you put foods that don’t belong down the drain. Generally, you shouldn’t put bones, shells, watermelon rinds, onions, or corn cobs into the garbage disposal.
  • Too noisy. Garbage disposals aren’t quiet machines, but they shouldn’t be making humming or grinding sounds. Grinding may result from something stuck to the blades, or a part may have come loose. A humming disposal may have a loose connection or the result of a jam.
  • Failing motor. The last thing you want to see is smoke coming from your sink. But if this is the case, your garbage disposal will need immediate repair or replacement. A smoking disposal can mean the motor is going out or there is a short circuit.

If your garbage disposal is having any of these problems or any others, our team at Monster Plumbing is here to help with your garbage disposal repair needs.

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